Our Team

We are a company dedicated to the representation of international brands and management of business projects in the Americas. We manage projects of international companies that seek to market their products and/or services in both continents; with our management and advice we open markets and ensure customer satisfaction.

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Enrique Amigo

Local Distributor for Colombia

experience in graphic production and software commercialization for the region, Co Founder of SAETAS and Editor of Red Gráfica Latin America.

Telephone: +57 318 545 9004

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Matias Smith


experience in sales, commercial management, digital marketing and digital business in the region, Co-founder of SAETAS and Plan Vivir Sano.

Telephone: +56 9 8916 5678

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Yussell Chávez


Graphic designer with experience in management, organization, branding and logistics of social, academic and commercial events.

Telephone: +52 1 55 2089 1451

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Michael Cameron

Local Distributor for the United States

Founder of Pangea Language Consulting Services, professor at Creative Arts Charter School and Conexiones Institute, with experience in languages, education, organization of corporate events and organizational management.

Telephone: +1 415 410 5278

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Inessa Gordillo

Local Distributor for Peru

experience in organization, production and logistics of cultural, academic and business events. Experience in salling and personalized attention to clients in architectural and construction projects, ARCHITECT AT THE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF AREQUIPA.

Telephone: +51 959 320 806

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Lorena Delgado

Local distributor for Costa Rica

experience in business administration and individualized customer service in San Jose, Costa Rica . Cultural and Environmental Manager, Owner trader with more than 25 years.

Telephone: +506 8351 2454